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For General Information click on the link below

Mike James

President & General Manager

Email: President & General Manager


Kevin Rutledge

Assistant General Manager

Email: Assistant General Manager

Michael Nicoletti

Coach - U10 (2015's)

Email: U10 Coach

Matthew Andreacchi

Coach - U14 (2011's)

Email: U14 Coach

Jamie Lewis

Coach - U11 (2014's)

Email: U11 Coach

Kenny Sousa

Coach - U15 (2010's)

Email: U15 Coach

George Kapralos

Coach - U12 (2013's)

Email: U12 Coach

Chad Macmillan

Coach - U16 (2009's)

Email: U16 Coach

Lucky DeGrazia

Coach - U13 (2012's)

Email: U13 Coach

Scott McCrory

Coach - U18 (07's & 08's)

Email: U18 Coach

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